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A Few Words on Discretion

Discretion is the professional value I hold above all else. There are many reasons people choose to seek the company of a companion, and many reasons people require our time together to be kept just between us. As someone who has worked hard to build my career outside this work,  I believe that discretion is a two way street.  I have very high standards - both through the ways I operate, and the expectations I have of my dates.


There are a number of discretionary strategies I implement, both in my organisational processes and in person, to ensure your mind will be set at ease, and you can truly relax. 




My decision to not show my face in any of my advertising isn't because I am self conscious about my looks.  It ensures that I will not be recognised in public during our time together. You can let go of those nagging fears whilst  sitting opposite me at a beautiful restaurant that I could be recognised.


Social Outings


As a lover of extended dates, nothing gives me more pleasure than enjoying each other's company over a glass of wine or a delicious meal. I know how to arrive dressed in the perfect combination of understated elegance and class. We will be getting to know each other intimately later, so I don’t feel the need to reveal everything to you over dinner. If we were to ever run into anyone you know, I am an expert at following your lead and seamlessly navigating an interaction without revealing our more devious intentions.




There are many reasons that you might not want me to be texting you at a particular moment. Selecting a gender neutral name for myself was not an unconscious choice. I will always text to check if it is an appropriate time to confirm an upcoming meeting, before I send more revealing details. If I know you require particular discretion, I will send you a fake promotional text from Sports Power which you can simply respond Yes to,

if it is a suitable time.

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