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About Me

My name is Charlie Grace, and I am your discreet personal companion/muse/luxury lap cat/secret agent/co-conspirator. 


I know how busy and demanding life can be. Time is our most precious resource and it is so important we spend it wisely.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to take some time out for yourself to relax , unwind and recharge.


I promise that from the moment we meet, my down to earth personality will set you at ease .  There is no need to be nervous or self conscious, I can promise you this, if either of us are going to trip over and fall flat on our face -

it is  going to be me.


Although  my life is rich with other work and study commitments, I am continuously drawn to  companion work,  because, honestly, I love it. The thrill of meeting new people or the joy of deepening an old connection while we steal moments together away from the outside world.  I am a total sapio-sexual and love talking deep into the night together and learning about other peoples lives. I offer a genuine Girlfriend Experience - the perfect combination of warmth

and no-strings-attached.

People trusting me as a companion to explore intimacy and sexuality is a privilege that I hold the upmost respect for. I am a generous and caring person and love to meet people from a vast range of different backgrounds.


I take privacy and discretion very seriously and approach my work with an open-minded and non-judgemental approach. I would love to hear about what fantasies you have and see what we can do to bring them to life together. I know my own boundaries and will be happy to communicate what gets me the most excited.

My parting sentiments to you are this:  The world is a wild and unpredictable place. Two years ago, someone was involved with a bat, and we were all forced to have the collective experience of Tiger King and a mass toilet paper shortage. Who wants to take part in any of that real world nonsense? I personally want none of it. I propose we escape together, drink wine, and giggle in the bath at the absurdity of it all. In the words of Jim Morrison "The time to hesitate is through". 

predominantly am visiting Melbourne for bookings but I also tour to other parts of Australia. 

Please note I do not offer any greek or natural services.



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I hope that I have managed to strike the  balance between sharing my approachable, warm nature whilst not sounding like a bad piece of erotic romance fiction, the blurb of a porn hub video or the checklist of an over-egged resume. If you are interested in getting to know me more, follow me on

Twitter and Instagram.

A few words I wrote for Simple Sxy


Spoil Me


I never expect gifts, but if you feel compelled to spoil me,

well, who am I to argue?


I love champagne, red wine,  gin,  rum and vermouth .


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